MehroozI am a lecturer at the Department of Applied Geology, Western Australian School of Mines, Curtin University located in Perth, Australia. I coordinate and teach several geoscience subjects as part of undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum including mineral exploration, mining geology, sedimentary field geology, geochemistry and introductory communications. My research deals with understanding the surface earth materials or regolith that covers much of Australia and represents the critical zone where the geosphere, biosphere, atmosphere meet and interact. Much of my research is collaborative with colleagues at CSIRO, especially Dr Ravi Anand and his group.

I grew up in a  Pune in India graduating from Nowrosjee Wadia College (Pune University) majoring in Geology. I then did my MS and PhD in geosciences at Australian National University, doing my research projects under the tutelage of a Prof Tony Eggleton (a great mineralogist disguised as a lepidopterist) and friendly Graham Taylor (a top landscape sedimentologist disguised as an excellent food critic), and then moved to my present position at Curtin University, Perth.

My life support systems include family: a lovely wife, two children, my mother, sister, and brother, and the countless present and past students at University who keep the soul young and active!

You can know more about my teaching (I honestly don’t “teach” but mentor and guide), courses I deliver, and the research and industry collaboration I conduct via the home page and can contact me at:

Department of Applied Geology

Western Australian School of Mines

Curtin University, Perth, WA6845, Australia